Riding Lessons
In person or Remote

A Classical Approach to riding and training horses

Terrie specializes in the beginning, the foundation of riding, the seat, but works with riders of any level. If you just have not ridden in a long while and wish to begin again, or if you have never been on a horse before, or if you want to improve your riding, maybe finally get those changes, she can help you. The basics, the foundation of good riding is all the same. Whether you wish to learn to ride to go out on trails, just have fun or you have dreams of competing and jumping 2m, the basics are all the same. It's called a 'seat' and having a correct one makes you more secure and your horse will be happier too.

Terrie has ridden most of her life but began a more serious study of Classical Dressage in 2000 under the training of Don Paulhus. Don is a Classical Dressage trainer, his mentor and trainer was a Head Rider (Oberbereiter) at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria. Don is one of a handful of his students that is certified to carry that training tradition forward. Terrie has also studied various forms of natural methods of working with horses, one of which she uses with her own horses as it has made a huge difference in them. In her teaching, she uses the classical training and teaching method she has learned, but will happily add in how to longe, general handling, even building a relationship, as desired. Terrie has also helped many 'back to riding' adults overcome their fears of riding as well. Even though what she teaches is based in dressage and biomechanics it is the very foundation of riding, so whether you slap on a western saddle to hit the trails or a close contact to crest a 5 foot fence, a seat is a seat is a seat. Terrie happily shares what she knows and helps those that want to learn or just work through fear. A correct seat is a more secure and more effective seat. It allows the horse to move freely and willingly. Less is SO much more!

Offering REMOTE training and instruction!! If you have a Pivo or other 'follow me and record' piece of technology, or any means to record yourself riding, I am able to work with you and privode 'eyes on the ground' informaiton, suggestions, instruction.
It can be difficult to find good instruction locally, or maybe you cannot afford regular instruction.
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This ws an unsolicited comment about my ability and teaching from a classical dressage trainer that is also a friend, Shaana Risley, who also took some of the photos on this page:

" I'm so GLAD/*happy dance!* -- that YOU are TEACHING! Your theories are some of the best around.. and if I had to send anyone for basics.. I'd send them to you.. because you truly know how to be a partner with your animal.. and there are no gimmicks about it.. just love love LOVE, and asoft feel.. and learning to ride in a balanced manner so you don't "interfere" with your horse! I can't stress enough how important transitions and lateral work are for a horse and rider... and YOU DO YOUR HOMEWork... OR IT WOULD NOT HAVE SHOWN IN THE PICS... "

My own trainer is glad I am sharing the information I have learned, and continue to learn, from him.

The proof as they say is in the results, the progress you make in your riding.