Belainda Z. (aka Bella)
Though love all animals, my favorite animal has always been the horse. Maybe it's because I was born in the year of the horse... or maybe it's because I used to be a horse.

I do have a Thoroughbred gelding, an ex race horse. I hear he was really fast.
I think he's just really sweet (ok, so most of the time). He is retired now and he sure is enjoying it!

This horse you see here is my mare, a Friesian. I have been completely entranced by this rare breed. A true fairy tale horse. The Friesian comes from a part of the Netherlands called Friesland. This is the original war horse of the times when we had knights on horseback. Their temperament is very sweet and loving and they are so beautiful when they move. This is the same breed of horse you see in the movie "Lady Hawke". These horses are becoming more popular here in the US.

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My horse, Owen Meany - Just love this face!
How did I begin Animal Communications?

It is a natural ability we all possess, some are just more open to listening I suppose.

When I was very young, we had cats. We had this one cat that would let me know if she was in danger or needed help in any way. One night I heard her crying for me to come open up the door to let her in. I ran downstairs to the door, and opened it. She wasn't there, so I called her with an urgency (I am sure bordering on panic) in my voice. She came running, as she went past me I noticed she was bleeding! Turns out she had been trying to get away from another animal (an opossum) and didn't get away fast enough. She had been bitten at the base of her tail.

Things like this hapened all the time, but it was mostly 'emergency' situations I was always alerted to, whether one of our animals or a member of the family.

Since I hardly ever told anyone about it, I hardly ever heard the 'it's all in your head' routine, but I soon noticed that not everyone was able to 'talk' to their animals. I learned to put this on my brain-back-burner.

Then one day while driving out to feed and exercise a horse I was partially leasing, I was suddenly struck with a horrible stomach ache. I just suddenly felt awful, so bad that I wasn't sure I shouldn't turn around and go home. I knew I had to go feed the horse, regardless of how I felt. The closer I got, the more ill I felt. As I approached his stall, he wasn't there to greet me as usual, I knew something was up, but decided that he must be eating his hay as it was still very early. As I walked into his stall he was in the far corner with his head hanging down at the ground, slightly groaning (well I heard groaning), and he hadn't touched his hay! I instantly knew why MY stomach hurt - it was him!
A condition known as Collic, and he had a history including surgery to recover from a previous bout. Within an hour he was fine and eating, I knew he was fine when MY stomach felt normal again.

It was this incident that forced me to face my ability and think about using it to help others, other animals especially. I didn't really know anything about 'animal communications' at the time, other than the one time I had a reading with an animal communicator for my own horse. It was very enlightening becuase just about every answer she gave me i already 'knew' but either hadn't acknowledged or had second guessed. There were many answers though that I hadn't gotten on my own. This can be common, as we can get too close to 'see' what's happening sometimes.

And now here I am. Helping animals get their messages through! I love this work, it is (mostly) fun and very rewarding.