An Introduction to Animal Communications:
One day workshop (6 hours)
<Dates to be determined>

Advanced Methods for Animal Communications
Two day workshop (6 hours each day)
<Dates to be determined>

Dusty's story:

I received a request to help locate a lost dog that had been missing for almost 7 months, her name is Dusty.

Making contact was easy, getting correct information from her was not. She was very wary, frightened and just wanted to go home. After my third talk with her, she began to open up, describing how she'd been taken into a car and driven away, and then where she was. Well that is, what she could see of where she was, her immediate surroundings, I could hear sounds too. With her help, I enlisted the help of a few local animals that she knew, this gave me a much better idea of the general area, and a broader picture. I then asked one of the animals that Dusty knew to help me view the area, from these views I was able to locate that area on a map.

I then worked with Dusty's owner to help her make a connection to help guide Dusty home if she could get away.

She had been gone for almost 10 months, it was discouraging, yet I knew that Dusty would get home soon, I was sure of it. I spent time talking with her to help cheer her up and to raise her energy so she'd remain positive about being able to get home again. Then it happened, I received word that Dusty was HOME!

When I asked Dusty how she had gotten home it was quite a story. Seems the person that took her brought her back to that same area, from there Dusty managed to get herself home. I sensed that this person felt or knew that we were getting close to finding her. Dusty's angels were certainly helping us to get her home.